Mdovia Technology

Mdovia has accumulated more than 10 years of sales experience to understand the pulse of the consumer market. Based on feedback from users and technology trends in the industry, we develop practical availability based on this.

IOT Intelligence

IOT is currently a trend for home appliances, making the interface for human-computer communication more friendly and allowing people to live more efficiently.

Power Technology

Home appliances have tended to use batteries because they are easier to use. The battery we developed for this purpose is longer, but it does not heat up.

Material Technology

Plastic and metal materials play a very important role in the design of modern home appliances. We use a variety of industrial materials, and we hope to bring users a better product experience

Dirty Detection

We also do our best to save energy. The dirt detection system can not only adjust the suction more automatically, but also extend the service life and life for the battery.

Complete Product Line

For a cleaner family and a better life, we try our best to meet the needs of all consumers, from vacuum cleaners, steam mops, washing machines, fully automatic robots, our product line is very complete, fully automatic coffee machines, we also have special research I hope to bring more surprises to consumers.


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers. developing first class solutions for our clients.

    About Us

    Mdovia Teams focus on Product Development and implement value to Modvia products, enhancing quality of living environment and helping bring happiness to human being life.
    We spend 15% of annual sales profit in developing new products. We hire 100 experienced and professional RD engineers to keep stable and advanced development.
    We aim to Healthy Life to Happiness Family

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